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Career Management

"Search & Selection", "Executive Search", "Head-hunting",

whatever you want to call it, is all the same thing, done differently by unique and often times independent individuals. For this reason, there are many that are confused by the service.

We want to try and dismiss many of the myths and instead provide clarity, peace of mind, and an understanding as to why you, the professional, creates an advantage by establishing a relationship with a good, able, and respected "Head-hunter".

A Head-hunter's role should help you manage your career, the same way you manage your daily successes at work, at home, or engaging your hobbies.


If you have a tooth ache, you go the Dentist......a fever, the Doctor.......a legal question, the Lawyer.....need investment advice, call your Broker.

These are similarities in establishing the accepted practice of going elsewhere for help for everyday issues that are better left in the hands of those trained in obtaining desired results. But, although the above relationships are common and open, we find the relationships with Head-hunters are not.


The Doctor, the Dentist, the Broker, the Lawyer, they all need to solve your problems. They need to bring you relief, and often you pay a respectable sum for their intent to offer solutions. Typically, you maintain a relationship with only one of each type of specialist at one time. Do we agree?

What about the Head-hunter? What relief does he/she offer? What are the problems he/she attempts to resolve? And at what cost?

Let's list a few of the expected services :


  • Need a specialist in your sector with which to confidentially discuss matters concerning you?
  • Need an opinion on how peers would react to similar professional situations you may be dealing with?
  • Need industry information concerning trends and developments from an open and unbiased source?
  • Need an unbiased and professional eye to critique your CV or Resume?
  • Need coaching and advice before you go into an interview?
  • Need help in managing an interview process in order to get timely answers and feedback to better access your position?
  • Need an alter ego to "back-board" the decision making process in changing and shifting your present job/career? Who better to discuss and negotiate a compensation package with your potential new employer, after you and I discuss your personal and professional needs? You or I?
  • Need an information source, who is everyday in your sector, who understands what is important for you, your family, your next career step?


And the list can go on, but first let's discuss one very different ingredient between us, and them Lawyers, Doctors, Dentist, and Brokers.

You do not pay us for our service or results.

You do not pay us when we negotiate your desired compensation package, with your ideal job, in your ideal location.

Not a dime, for an increase in quality-of-life standards that is usually only measurable within the private walls of your family's home.

Kinda' makes one wonder....... does it not?

Now here's the catch. If you do not have this type of relationship with your Head-hunter, don't you think it is time you did?