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Project Management


Delivering Rich & Effective Business Intelligence

The Benefits of Using MPC Client Interface access

We wanted to take our Service Level to the next level.

We listen to our Clients when they talk to us about what they most want when working with "recruitment partners".

Our Project Management & Client Interface product was the natural choice for our development efforts, because it was the only platform that met all of our project requirements. The following list explains in detail how our requirements map to the Client Interface platform and the benefits that Client Interface brings to the table:

  • Eliminate the "busy work" associated with the existing business process. We needed to find a development platform that could help us come closer to you as we both manage the same projects separately. The existing process required increase communication and transparency. We needed to know what you were doing and you needed to know what we were doing. This not only made things more labour intensive and inefficient, it also left room for human error mostly around the communication piece.


    ∑     Our theory is that all positive business relationships start with mutual respect for each other's systems and personnel efforts and then strengthen as we align ourselves to the mutual objective and goal of identifying and attracting the highest quality of talent available to match your requirement. This is our sole purpose of service. In our analysis of our methodologies and through interviews with clients and candidates who are accustomed to our existing system as well as our relationship management technique, we realized that we provide "best solution" in our area of specialisation and this is the standard you should insist upon.

    Integrate into our existing processes and technical systems.

    ∑    Standards are good! Isn't that why millions of dollars are spent by various industries to create and adhere to them? Keep in mind that Client Interface is not a back-end development platform. Client Interface is a technology used to view information and communicate information "real time".

    ∑     Making Client Interface work within your existing environment is a relatively painless process, because Client Interface is designed to allow easy communications between our office applications and your other systems.

    • Provide real-time access to our most current data. Although this requirement is partially addressed in the second bullet item above, we didnít really touch on what advantages we have gained by using Client Interface.
    • Be secure. The entire Client Interface is based solely on the Project management areas you alone have access to enter and manage. Your users that have the proper authentication credentials can only access this area. Other users can be assigned their own access codes to manage their own individual projects.

    The Client Interface Application Model facilitates:

    • Submit your Vacancies
    • Attach role specific documentation
    • View all on-going activity (24/7 and real time) 
    • Read and write notes relevant to candidates and process
    • Manage shortlist
    • Arrange Interview dates
    • Construct the acceptable offer
       Ö and much, more. Contact us for your access authorisation code and get started today;

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