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Overview of our Search Process

Step 1 - Meet with Client

discuss company culture
discuss position requirements
establish position profile
establish hiring process
discuss time parameters

Step 2 - Develop Search Plans

select project team

Step 3 - Research

develop list of target companies
develop list of potential candidates
inter office referrals (National)
inter office referrals (International)
project services (National)
candidate data base (National)

Step 4 - Initiate Search process


Step 5 - Candidate Contact

profile candidates (75-150)
qualify candidates

Step 6 - Candidate Selection

thoroughly interview best qualified and interested candidates (usually 10)

Step 7 - Candidate Presentation to Client

set interview dates and times

Step 8 - Follow-up with Client

discuss candidate feedback
discuss candidate inner motives

Step 9 - Schedule additional interview

Step 10 - Background checks (when/if available)


Step 11 - Follow-up with Candidate

debrief/feedback re-qualify
secure decision from family

Step 12 - Closing/Negotiating

act as mediator

Step 13 - Offer

start date

Step 14 - Help candidate with transition

prepare for resignation
assist with emotional issues
help with relocation
Contact counter-offer management

Step 15 - Resignation Debrief

continue help with transition
confirm start date

Step 16 - Follow-up

maintain contact with candidate
maintain contact with company

Step 17 - Verify Project Completion

send service invoice

Step 18 - Request a reference

ask for process feedback