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Welcome to the MPC Website!

The strategy, technique and approach to sourcing and matching high talent, qualified professionals & companies at MPC are as thorough and comprehensive as you need it to be. We offer scalable and flexible solutions as simple as posting a job and a CV/resume then letting the match occur through "our trained and tenured professionals", or as imperative as a no-risk, full service, full-scale discrete and confidential search.
Our website has been diligently designed with innovation and customer/client services in mind. You will find many "staple" feature which offer insight & information outlining career related topics based on our core mission matching companies to professional and professionals to companies across predominately 3 regions where we maintain a local presence - Ireland/United Kingdom, Western Europe and the United States of America. Our industry focus remains Medical Devices/Technology centric.
Our key clients will find new levels of interaction being offered which will heighten the "project management" capabilities between our teams by "linking & permitting access" to shared areas within our "back office" and "process/candidate management" SW systems. Communication, transparency and the ultimate commitment to partnering together to reach a mutual common objective is the journey we undertake together.