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Training, System & Methodology

Our training philosophy is simple and effective.

The answer lies within each individual.

Our essays, definitions, instructions, and modules represent an amalgamation of personal experiences and practices over many successful years of making placements, as well as helping others build search businesses from scratch, and helping them place people and create teams in the USA, UK/Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

Ours is a challenging and changing/evolving business, aimed at those committed to excellence. It is for those who seek practical, industry relevant solutions in real-time critical environments.

Executive Search is sales driven. It requires a combination of skills usually evident in other service and sales dominant environments, blended with a touch of psychology and social awareness. It requires resilience, empathy, honesty, simplicity and respect.

We focus our teachings in a disciplined and practised approach to our profession. It is crucial to be able to define and measure your business under each of the following headings:


Structure, System and Synergy

Structure , questions your speciality, your Market, your Clients, your management and use of information.

System , questions your processes, your skill, your technique, your overall effectiveness and competence at providing services and solutions.

Synergy , explains your ability to fulfil your commitments to your clients and your candidates.